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Justin Square Toe Insoles SOX9606

$ 13.00

9606 D 00502 1 6800

These Justin insoles provide unparalleled comfort. Made to specifically fit Justin Square Toe Boots. Polyurethane jel pads in the heel and ball area add padding on the strike zones of the foot. The footbed is cushioned with foam and encapsulated air cells to provide energy return and reduce muscle fatigue. Keep a spring in your step for those country nights.

Key Features:

  1. Support: Heel and ball of feet jelpads
  2. Protection: Shock absorbing
  3. Performance: Reduce muscle fatigue
  4. Cushion: Jel comfort


Small fits ladies boot sizes 6-8, mens boot size 6.

Medium fits ladies boots sizes 9-11, mens boot sizes 7-9

Large fits ladies boots size 12, mens boot sizes 10-11

XLarge fits mens boot sizes 12-14