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Justin Just Dry Performance Insoles SOX9593

$ 20.00

9593 A M

 Justin Just Dry performance insoles feature OrthoLite® foam.

You work hard. You need an insole that will work as hard as you do. Justin Just Dry performance insoles are up to the task. Each pair of insoles has everything you need to help keep your feet cushioned, cool, dry, and odor free. Combine with Justin Just Dry socks and have even more protection.


  • Justin Just Dry insoles are Eco- friendly- OrthoLite® foam contains 5% recycled rubber.
  • Unlike traditional foam technologies, the compression set of OrthoLite® foam is less than 5%.  The fit and cushioning of your Justin Just Dry insoles will never change.
  • OrtnoLite®'s unique open cell structured foam helps move moisture away and provides a cooler, drier, healthier environment.
  • Open cell PI foam is 95% to 100% breathable, allowing air to circulate in and around the foam, keeping the surrounding environment cooler.
  • The lightweight foam enhances performance and day to day comfort.
  • Justin Just Dry insoles are machine washable. They will come out like new every time and maintain all of the performance benefits after washing.
  • A patented polymer cross-linked into every OrthoLite® foam resists microbe growth and provides protection from fungus, bacteria, and odor.


Medium fits ladies boots sizes 9-11, mens boot sizes 7-9
Large fits ladies boots size 12, mens boot sizes 10-11
XLarge fits mens boot sizes 12-14